Why the Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona are Worth the Cost

Why the Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona are Worth the Cost

Why the Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona are Worth the Cost

If you are accused of or charged with a crime in Arizona, you might be tempted to rely on assigned counsel, also referred to as appointed counsel or a public defender. Though a public defender’s services won’t zap your savings, relying on this individual for legal representation in a criminal case is not in your best interest. You might also be tempted to perform legal research on your own and represent yourself pro-se. There is also the option of selecting an inexperienced attorney who will work for comparably less money.

Each of these approaches to criminal defense detailed above is inherently flawed. The stakes are high when you are charged with a crime in the state of Arizona. Select the wrong attorney and you are that much more likely to be found guilty, spend a considerable amount of time in jail and be subjected to additional forms of punishment.

Select an Experienced and Detail-Oriented Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Regardless of the specific crime you are charged with, the quality of your attorney matters a great deal. The state’s worst criminal defense attorneys who are hungry for work will offer a low fee yet their legal representation will also be low-quality. As is often said, you get what you pay for.

In contrast, the best Arizona criminal defense attorneys have experience defending all sorts of different criminal cases, many of which are quite complex. The moral of this story is you need and deserve an experienced and accomplished legal practitioner who has a track record of success defending against similar criminal charges. Your attorney should be willing to work with the top investigators and experts available to build a comprehensive legal defense, setting the stage for you to maintain your freedom or at least minimize the potential penalty.

When in doubt, ask the candidate in question for examples of prior cases he or she successfully handled on behalf of other clients. If the candidate cannot present examples of prior cases where he or she successfully defended a client, move on to the next candidate.

The sad truth is some Arizonans charged with crimes hire attorneys for representation only to find those individuals fail to meet the challenge of the case, resulting in a harsh prison sentence along with additional penalties that could have been prevented. Such results typically stem from those charged with crimes opting for the cheapest possible attorney rather than one with sufficient industry experience.

Why It Makes Sense to Pay for Quality Legal Representation

Criminal defense attorneys who charge a low fee are hampered by their lack of capital. These low-budget attorneys simply do not have the financial means necessary to invest considerable time, effort and resources into client cases. A limited budget resulting from a low attorney fee is likely to end in a lost case and time in jail.

Instead of choosing the cheapest possible criminal defense attorney, opt for an attorney whose experience and credentials justify a reasonable fee. Though paying an attorney retainer that is higher than the lowest of the bunch certainly constitutes a financial setback, it is merely temporary.

A reasonable fee is indicative of an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney who has the credentials, track record, intelligence and effort necessary to obtain the desired result. Even though hiring such an individual will take a bite out of your budget, it will help you retain your freedom, continue working and avoid punitive fines that otherwise would have decimated your personal finances.